Master’s Message

Merry Christmas my friends,

I wanted to take up a quick minute of your day with a brief Masters message.  Don’t worry, nothing too deep or thought provoking today.  We all have too many other things on our plates. 

Christmas will be very different for many of us this year.  Maria and I had looked forward to doing two big Christmas dinners at our house this year.  A big Portuguese one on the 24th with all the seafood and wine, followed up by a big traditional Dinner with my side of the family on the 25th.   It was going to be the start of many first for us.  First Christmas after being married.  First Christmas in our new house.  First Christmas with our first Grandson.  But unfortunately those firsts will have to come next year.

 I am still amazingly grateful for all of those firsts that have happened for us this year.  I would not trade any of those blessings for the world.  We have just about daily visits with our Grandson over zoom so we have not lost complete touch with him. Christmas dinner will just happen on the 25th and it will just be our small family, but the wine and seafood will still be there.  Let’s be honest as well, I could probably stand to miss a big meal, so having only one Christmas dinner will be good for my waistline.   No it isn’t the same, but it is the way it will have to be right now.   I think that my friends is going to be the road to success during this time.  We have to be happy for the people, things, and events that we do have.  Not dwell on the ones we don’t.  If anything I believe it will help us focus on what is truly important in life.  For each of us it will be different, but find the small things that bring you joy and use them to prop you up when the other things are getting you down.

One of the things I am happiest about are the friends I have from our lodge.  Even though we have been out of touch for the last few months, you are all still in my thoughts .  Reach out to one another over the next while.  Send out an email or have a quick phone call with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Bring them a bit of joy from knowing they are in someone else’s  thoughts.

 Stay safe and stay home.  We will meet soon.  Actually we will meet on January 4th on Zoom at 7:30.  Please touch base with Justin if you need any assistance getting online.  If you’re not on the computer but want to participate, you can call one of the brothers that is online and we can put you on speaker and you can participate that way.

Take care my brothers

WM Tim Heisler