Master’s Message

Dear Brethren,

Hello again my friends. I hope this summons finds you safe and healthy. I would like to start off by inviting you all to attend our Zoom meeting on March 1st, @ 7:30 pm; please make every effort to attend. Just like our regular in person meetings, these online meetings are so much better when we have a larger group. As always, please just go to the Lodge website ( and click on the virtual meeting tab. It is so easy even a Past Master can do it.

As most of you have heard by now, we lost our Brother James Gray to the Grand Lodge Above a short while ago. I am hoping there will be some service for him in the future, but I have heard nothing about it yet. Jim was a member of our Lodge for only a relatively short period of time, but his quiet demeanor and ready smile were always enjoyed, and made us all feel like we had known him for decades. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. We will be having a short memorial service for Jim at our meeting on the first. As I stated in a previous email, please let me know if you would like to contribute to a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Send me an e-transfer by March 14th, and I will send it off to the Heart and Stroke Foundation shortly thereafter.

Due to the whole Covid-19 thing, I bet you can guess that we will not be having our Quiz Night, which was scheduled for April. We have been in touch with the Legion and rebooked for November 13th. We will see where we sit as we get closer to that date; depending on the vaccine roll out and peoples diligence, maybe we will be in a better position to have the event. The folks at the Legion also suggested we book next year’s date soon as well, as they are booking up for 2022 already.

Please keep up the ticket sale my friends. We still have a substantial supply to get through. I haven’t checked how many we have out at the Lodge in a while, but I still have a few hundred on hand at home, and I would guess we have 5 or 6 hundred at least at the Lodge. Please keep up the good work. Thanks to Bro. Serge for all of the interprovincial sales.

Lastly my friends, I would like to congratulate our own Brother Laferriere on becoming a Grandfather for the second time, and Brother Sutherland on being a Great Uncle for the second time as well. Finan looks like a sturdy little thing and I’m sure will be blessed with a lot of love and attention. That’s all for now my friends; please take care of yourselves and those around you.

Fraternally, Tim Heisler