Our Vision

To have Freemasonary recognized with our communities as an organization of high moral and social standards that benefits its members and society writ large.  Our objectives are achieved by careful selection of members in the first instance followed by progressive encouragement for them to conduct all their activities honourably and harmoniously. Their duties to their families and the community are emphasized and through symbolic teachings the merits of virtue, integrity and mutual respect are demonstrated.

Freemasonry intrudes on neither politics nor religion and these topics are not discussed in Lodges.

Freemasonry is not a benefit society. No person should join unless he is reasonably certain that he will never need help from its funds. Masonic Charity is intended only for those members who unexpectedly or unintentionally encounter misfortune and for members of the community who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Your membership of a Lodge will involve you in financial obligations which you should be able to afford without adverse effect to yourself or those dependent on you. In addition to costs associated with joining, there will be an annual membership fee to your Lodge and further voluntary donations from time to time to Masonic Charities or for other purposes. The Lodge Secretary can give you details of these costs and fees which are not uniform in all Lodges.

We are confident that you will derive great satisfaction from your membership of one of the longest established and most honourable institutions in existence.